"I can't say enough about this studio. Zandra and Aly, along with all the staff, treat each child with respect and live. The studio is not only about dance. The studio is a safe place for students to exand interests into all of the arts, try new things and just be themselves. No judgement, no insults and no drama. The kids are talented, sweet, and very hard working. 

Students also get a chance to work with nationally known dancers from all over. It's all in this fast growing studio in tiny Monroe, OH. For parents, I have made many life long friends, including Aly and Zandra. Please come in and talk to Zandra and Aly if you might be interested. Your child's world could literally change. It sure did for my girls."



"If you have children who are interested in dance, I can't say enough wonderful things about our dance home. Z Company has become part of the family. Talent, artistry, passion, hard work, and vision are apparent in every aspect of the studio - the owners, the pieces they choreograph, the dancers who perform them, the staff who take care of each dancer as if he or she were their own, and the parents who pitch in however and whenever they can. It's a place like no other."


"Kenny's second home that has nurtured his artistic nature."

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